His ability to connect and introduce the craft of physical theatre to actors and students is exceptional.
— Shon Dale Jones: Artistic Director, Hoipolloi UK


The Complete Idiot's Guide - A Three Week Clown Workshop - Simple Clown, Pathetic Clown, Tragic Clown

Led by Jon Ferguson

Feb 5-23 (3 weeks - 45 hours) Monday - Friday, 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Location: PIM - Performing Institute of Minnesota - 7255 Flying Cloud Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 (Carpooling from Minneapolis/St. Paul will be available!) 

Cost: $375. Early Bird Discount: Get 20% off ($75) if you register by January 15th.

Capacity: 18

To register contact Lauren Anderson: lauren@wldrnss.org

In this physical and practical workshop, participants will explore 3 levels of theatrical clown: Simple Clown (the epitome of unbridled theatrical play), Pathetic Clown (the fool thrust into a dramatic situation), and Tragic Clown (the universal and determined protagonist). 

Participants will discover what is innately ridiculous about themselves and learn to play and invent from that place - a truly spontaneous, honest and open space. They will explore ways to communicate on a universal level; exploring innocence (naïveté), idiocy, anarchy, the absurd, and pure playfulness (the seeds of theatrical invention). 

Participants will also explore ways to convey tragedy in a pure, simple and profound way and gain an understanding of clown as an important theatrical form and a powerful and dramatic  creation tool.

This workshop is experiential in nature and a collaborative exploration which aims to reveal the clown as The Innocent, The Fool and The Tragic Hero. This workshop will inform and enrich your approach to other forms of theatrical practice and performance.

"...his work was integral to the success of this critically acclaimed production, which is still referenced and discussed in the UK theatre community today”
- John Wright: Master Practitioner & Author - 'Why it that so Funny - A Practical Guide to Physical Comedy' 

“Jon cares deeply about the role of the heart and imagination in creating innovative art, and this is manifest in his teaching. Through learning from him in play and exploration, I have been empowered to ‘”dare to fail” and my work is richer because of it.”
- Isabel Nelson: Founder, Transatlantic Love Affair

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